Friday, July 22, 2011

36 Hours in Seattle

Where to eat in under 36 hours in Seattle? Check out these local joints that define the mood and culture of the beautiful city.

B&O Espresso
A local favorite - this landmark restaurant serves its coffee and dessert with a dash of history. Lemon chiffon, devil's food and chocolate raspberry torte are worth the calories

Chapel Bar
Bar, lounge and club wrapped into one - this downtown destination sitting atop a mortuary offers a good selection of martinis.

Martini among other things at the Chapel

Pike Place Fish Market
This fish market offers its customers an almost 'Deadliest Catch' experience! Dungeness crab and smoked salmon are few of their specialties.

Daily Dozen Donut Co.
First stop at Pike Place. Piping hot and fresh off the fryer these donuts are worth the wait.

Kiss those Krispy Kremes good bye when you taste these. Get the plain or cinnamon sugar as they come out hot and golden!

Fruit stand, Pike Place Market
Grab a box of blueberries to snack while walking down Pike Place.

Piroshky Piroshky
Russian bakery selling stuffed pies called Piroshkies in the middle of Pike Place Market

Potato, onion and cheese Piroshky - a couple of these with some pike roast should be a stomach-full.

Streamline Diner
A quick ferry ride to Bainbridge island takes you to this beautiful restaurant featuring a seasonal menu. A local brunch favorite.

Half and Half - Whistling Veggie Chili Topped with Jack Cheese & Sour Cream served with a sandwich. Down it all with a pint of Peroni and you got yourself a nice breakfast!

Roma Omelette - Roasted Garlic Tomato sauce, Mushrooms, Fresh Basil & Mozzarella, topped w/Pesto Sour Cream

Taco Gringos
Located at Capital Hill, this late night taco stall has a daily menu featuring only 3 different kinds of tacos.  Minimal filling in two soft shell tacos exemplify a perfect Mexican street food fare. Perfect for a midnight snack.

Doing it the traditional way - keeping a street food the way it should be...simple, delicious and cheap.

Spicy chicken and corn w/pineapple pico de gallo and wrapped in a hot corn tortilla.served with a wedge of lime

Home sweet home
A drink with a view after a long cant buy you this.



  1. We have been to Piroshky Piroshky and liked the place very much...

  2. B&O serves a real good fare.