Saturday, September 11, 2010

Houston - Melange Creperie

Where to eat in Houston?

Crepes - the national dish of France, a standard on breakfast menus is found all over the world; a friend of mine mentioned she ate street-side crepes in Thailand! So if you are in Midtown Houston (Fourth Ward to be exact) and care for some tasty, sumptuous and healthy crepes, Melange Creperie is your answer. Before you head there, be aware that this is no dining experience - this is a one-man-crepe-station on a parking lot! Sean runs the marvelous mobile creperie on the parking lot of Mango's on Westheimer & Taft. You can go online to his twitter account to find out his timings and menu.
His menu consists of no more than 4-5 different crepes - a mix of a few standard crepes along with the seasonal ones. There's the ham-egg-cheese, Texas ratatouille (yes, mixed veggies), banana nutella (nutella goes with anything rt?!) and my fav - toasted coconut and mango! Along with the crepes, Sean dishes out some trade secrets on his ingredients and where he acquired this art - all good marketing strategies. One crepe fills you up pretty good and it cost around 6 bucks - not a bad start to the weekend. I wish he had a pot of coffee going on as well - if you can make crepes on a parking lot, coffee shouldn't be that difficult! Great guy selling some very good crepes.

If I lived in the midtown area, I would be a regular at Melange Creperie . Remember to take a bottle of water, cos he sells only crepes!
Sean - The Crepe Master
Texas Ratatouille - fresh veggies inside a hot crepe
Banana NUTELLA! This was yummm and a crowd fav!
Seasonal stuff this - Toasted coconut and mango! This hit the spot :-)

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  1. looks real neat - deadly fillings combo - education happening :-)